2018 Gold Jewelry Trends with May

  • Another year has gone by and we are partnering with May Is Gold Month for the fifth consecutive year to celebrate all things karat gold (and yes, that is karat with a “k” and not carat, because that would mean gemstone weight). If you peek inside my jewelry box you will undeniably notice that I love yellow gold,almost exclusively. That’s why it is always so natural to partner with May Is Gold Month because we’ve been admirers, promoters, and true fans of this richly historic metal since we could remember.

    Since last year, I’ve added a few important karat gold pieces to my every day jewelry wardrobe. I consider these to be investment pieces, to last a lifetime and be eventually passed down through generations. That is the underlying beauty of karat gold–surely it looks wonderful from the outside, but it is magical and sentimental on the inside. A piece of karat gold jewelry can evoke more feelings than a smell or written words…and can last longer than a memory or a relationship. These pieces of jewelry are more than just ornamental decor, they are ways of expressing ourselves through accessorizing and jewelry can speak louder than words.

    Just like last year, I’ll be delving into each gold jewelry trend and exploring, sharing and teaching ways we can make the most of each one. Follow along on social media and use the hashtag #ShowMeYourGold all month long! Can’t wait to see everyone’s styles, ideas and ways of mixing and matching their gold jewelry! Here’s the list of this year’s trends so you can start planning your posts–we will tackle one each week.

  • Week One: Wrist Ornaments

    Have you ever taken a necklace and wrapped it around your wrist to create a multi-layered bracelet?! Creativity at its finest. The 14k yellow gold San Marco bracelet is a piece I’ve recently added to my personal collection and it has become my signature bracelet, as it rarely leaves my wrist. I challenge you to invest in a bold gold bracelet–there are so many different styles out there! You’ll thank me later!


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