May is Gold Month Celebrates

  • The task is simple: take six different and unique jewelry designers and understand their point-of-view as a maker and creative. Everyone’s story is their own, as distinguished backgrounds converge with experiences, and each designer’s path will reflect where they’ve been on their road to jewelry dreams. The end result as a designer is jewelry that began as an idea and ended with an executed, finished piece of jewelry. Each design has its own style, price point, technique and forged in its own way, however everyone started with the same elements–some gold!

    I’ve teamed up with May is Gold Month to interview and take a deeper look at six makers. I’ve asked each designer the same two questions and received incredibly different responses. Let’s explore their answers and learn more about the common thread which each story shares: GOLD.

  • East Fourth Street

    How is karat gold important in your work?

    Gold has been a symbol of value and luxury for most cultures. For me, I just love working in it. It’s like cream, with sensuous fluid elements that challenge me as an artist, I respect it. For the last 5 years I’ve been working with Fairmined gold, which is a certified support system that insures the gold is mined ethically and environmentally correct. Fairmined creates a solidarity of cultures, from miners to jewelers that puts the miners, jewelers and consumers at the same level of importance. I like that, because the gold they produce is not only mercury free, but it also supports the stories of all the people that touched it along it’s journey.

    Why do you like working with karat gold?

    Using the analogy of textiles, gold is like silk. When you work with gold, you can feel it’s heat, it has a warmth and weight combination that really is its essence and energy. Minerals are unique that way.  Once you work with gold, the way it bends, the way it solders, the way it finishes, it is addictive.

    Learn more about East Fourth Street here.

  • Lu Rebuffo

    How is karat gold important in your work?

    Gold is the medium in which my creative ideas transmute into reality. After spending years collecting gold jewlery and admiring museum exhibits of gold artifacts from any and all periods of human history I decided to learn how to work this majestic metal. I mainly focus on the stone casting process which directly sets the stones in my models into the gold. The result is a fresh cast gold piece that not only has the shine and luster of gold but also the brilliance of the gemstones I set with it.

    Why do you like working with karat gold?

    There is nothing more euphoric than to see one of my wax models turn to beautiful solid gold. It feels like I unearthed a treasure that only existed in my dreams. The whole process of turning that freshly cast piece into a beautiful shining object is so fun. The option of finishes that gold offers are plentiful being a whole journey on its own. All leading to that blissful moment when a finished piece is looking right back at you.

    Learn more about Lu Rebuffo here.


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